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March 06 2014


Information on anti reflective glass

'A thing of beauty is a joy forever,’ is a statement well-known to all of us. Be it an animate or an inanimate thing, these are always adjudged on the basis of beauty that mesmerizes one and all.

With more and more companies developing several innovative technologies, it is no more a difficult task to beautify homes and workplaces. Great care needs to taken while choosing high quality products.

One of the most common products on the run, glass, is being supplied on a large scale with distinctive features. Such glass supplying companies sell glass products to a diverse clientele ranging from electronics sector to science and technology. Some of the other applications of glass from the architectural glass suppliers include preparing vials in pharmaceutical industry, solar panel construction, making tubes, glass for ovens, cook tops, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and many more. These specialty glass products can also be used in solar applications and are also ideal for the defense sector.

The most innovative specialty glass product is the anti reflective glass that is known for its anti-reflective coating. This coating, which is present on both the sides of a glass, enables one to view clearly and without any obstructions both during the day as well as night. Ideal for museums, showrooms, restaurants, recording studios, lobbies, foyers and display windows, this glass has a unique capability of minimizing reflections to a larger extent when compared to the conventional glass.

With such extraordinary anti reflective glass, one can avoid the usage of canopies that are mainly used for reducing reflections. Such glass products can be printed, drilled or even bent and also can be annealed or even converted into a laminated safety glass. With a laminated glass, it becomes easy to minimize sunlight and noise penetration. Not just that, the thermally insulated glass has been designed specifically to meet the standard safety requirements.

Available in sizes ranging up to 3770 x 1770 mm, this glass enables about 98 percent transmission. Known for its durability, this anti reflective glass requires minimal maintenance and is CE compliant.

There is another variety of anti reflective glass that is ideal for galleries and museums. With an anti-reflective optical interference coating, this glass enables to protect those valuable artworks in the museum. By reducing the reflections to less than one percent, the glass ensures to provide a smooth view of the artwork.

Also, such types of anti reflective glass are completely neutral in color thereby helps maintain the original color of the artwork. Such beautiful anti-reflective glass works, when installed, would definitely enhance the aesthetic beauty of place.

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